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  JoAnn is an amazing personal trainer! I have been using her for 6 years and her knowledge and skills always exceed my expectations (I sometimes refer to her as Dr. Jo, as she can fix any ache or pain). She is a certified trainer and also a specialist in the Melt Method, which restores and rebalances your body after a workout….just one example of how the science she brings to her training style is so impactful. Our workouts really make a difference in my waistline and my stamina and she brings in a lot of variety to the exercises that work my whole body….core, abs, arms….you name it! I would highly recommend her!

  -Lisa O. june. 2018

  With JoAnn's workouts I am stronger at 70 than I have been my whole life!! JoAnn's knowledge of what muscles to work to help maintain balance, flexibility and strength are invaluable. Since Osteoporosis is such a problem in women; strength and balance are critical.

feb.10 2018

Dear Joann:

Nov. 27, 2013

I just wanted to send you some quick feedback on the fantastic experience I have had so far since starting private pilates sessions with you. When I first arrived to your studio several weeks ago, numerous areas of my body were in dire need of decompression, chronic pain throughout my back and shoulders seemed to be an every day event for me for the past 2 years.

After our second session together, I found immediate relief from what I thought would be life long pain. I had visited various doctors in the past few years all of whom told me they could do nothing significant to alleviate the pain as I had no apparent damage to my spinal cord or any broken bones, just prior trauma-related injuries to soft tissue and different muscle groups. Their solution - prescription pain killers when necessary and standard rehab. sessions. Although rehab. sessions did provide some relief, it was short-lived. Needless to say, at the age of 51, I had no intent of taking prescription pain killers for the rest of my life; I value my liver and kidneys.

As each session progresses, I feel less pain on a daily basis and can feel my inner core growing stronger and stronger. Although no gain comes without a little discomfort, you have managed to effectively minimize any pain felt during our sessions while building strength and addressing any soft tissue damage I may have. It is quite amazing how you can successfully condition problem areas without causing the same to relapse during or after each session. I continuously look forward to each new session and what positive results you will undoubtedly be able to achieve.

With sincere appreciation,

Bob Schectman

Hi JoAnn,

I try not to dwell on getting older but the biggest difference I've seen is how new aches and pains creep up and refuse to go away without some added attention. Out of nowhere a couple weeks ago my finger started aching and I could barely open easy things like water bottles or baby food jars. The pain became constant and the average treatment (like wiggling and stretching fingers; applying Bengay) wasn't helping. After a few minutes of insight and instruction from JoAnn, the 'melting' of my fingers and hand completely took the aches away! Decompression with the MELT Method had done wonders for my lower back and neck area, but the finger relief confirmed my belief that this non-drug method is the key. Having never heard of MELT before, I'm thrilled with the results - still no finger aches for over week! The fact that I now have a safe, go-to solution to help relieve certain body issues, mostly caused by stress from everyday work/activities (as I've learned), there's no way I'm keeping it secret. I'm telling my friends and family so they can benefit and feel confident in becoming more active. Best of all, the learning curve is short so I'm looking forward to being able to self-treat after more practice!

I definitely wanted supervision to make sure I used the right positioning when exercising - I don't need to add to my list of body parts that frequently get out of whack including my wrist (ski injury) and lower back. Sessions with JoAnn have become the all-in-one stop and I finally feel like I've got the right combination to maintain health and balance. I'm developing strength understand how the body operates in a way that makes so much sense.

I had been taking JoAnn's classes at the gym and recently signed up for personal training sessions. Her expertise is so diverse and I love how she creates workouts that combine different techniques. There's always something new to learn about the body with each session, and I'm able to target areas that I didn't even know about. Less than an hour on the Reformer and the Cadillac focuses on all major and even hard to pinpoint muscles. Who knew I could cut my workout in half and get even better results physically? In a few weeks, I've seen a huge difference in my shape and fitting perfectly into an old dress for a recent nd awareness of exercises I can do to get the right results. The MELT Method is the icing on the cake as I had no idea that pain relief could be this simple. Plus, the technique helps me.

Thanks Rachel Leigh

  I'm a new mom. Luckily, I had no issues of swelling or back trouble while pregnant and I'm convinced it was because I MELTed regularly. It was also the only thing I could do to alleviate the nasty sinus and migraine headaches.

However, after delivering, my ankles swelled like pig's feet because I barely left the hospital room (see pics). Unfortunately, I hadn't thought to add the MELT baggy to my Push bag of necessities for the hospital stay and I sorely regretted it. I know my body went on a roller coaster ride with natural birth but, within 3 days, not only was I swollen, but I could barely bend over to touch my knees let alone my feet. My arms and hands were also sore from nursing. I did the hand and foot treatment as soon as I got home and I immediately saw the difference. By the 2nd day, after doubling up the frequency of my MELT routine, my flexibility returned to pre-pregnancy stage and, most importantly, my ankles went back to normal. Uck, I'll never forget how foreign they felt when I looked down! I'm so grateful for being introduced to MELT. I continue to self-treat at home but JoAnn is also educating me on more techniques. It's all very exciting learning how my muscles and connective tissue function and how to repattern, rebuild, and reintegrate. I feel like I'm getting ahead of issues that come with the territory of middle age and new motherhood!

  "Within a few short months, and after experimenting with many other approaches to dealing with my arthritic lower back, JoAnn's Yoga and Pilates training have totally resolved my back pain and keep me in top shape. JoAnn even has me Melting (it really works!) and spinning now! At age 65, I feel 20 years younger and continue to enjoy riding waves and paddling 5 miles in my kayaks. As a trainer, she totally gets it, and her new studio is great. JoAnn is the absolute best!!!" John Kolaya

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